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October Guild Meeting

What: Reports on workshops at Intermountain Weaver’s Conference (IWC) When: Thursday, October 12, 6:30 p.m. Where: South Valley Unitarian Church, 6876 South Highland Drive (2000 East) September Guild Meeting

At our October meeting, the Guild members who attended the Intermountain Weaver’s Conference will share all the wonderful things they learned. At this meeting, you will have the chance to learn about a number of weaving techniques— all in one evening! You will see pictures and samples and hear about techniques and experiences. From tapestry to sprang (an ancient knotting technique) to double weave and basketry, there will be something for everyone at this meeting.

Another wonderful part of this meeting will be a slide show put together by Mimi. She took pictures of some of the pieces in the shows that were on display at IWC. There were some remarkable pieces, so watching the show will inspire your weaving as well. Deanna Baugh will discuss the slides so that you can understand structures and fibers.

As always, we encourage you to bring your items for show and tell at 6:30—anything you might have made this summer, your samples from the September meeting, and your IWC projects. See you soon!


Upcoming Workshop

Registration Forms available at May meeting.

The Guild is offering a Deflected Double Weave workshop, to be taught by Deanna Baugh, on October 20–21 at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. In Deflected Double Weave, the warp and weft threads deflect out of their vertical and horizontal positions during finishing to form waves and circles. In this workshop you will learn about designing and weaving this structure while you weave a scarf for yourself or a gift. Both four-shaft and eight-shaft drafts will be provided to accommodate the loom you will be using. You may choose to purchase yarn from Deanna, in which case you will have a choice of a couple of different pathways (we hope to have examples of the pathways at the May and June meetings along with the approximate cost of the yarn). The cost of this workshop will be approximately $55 to $75 (dependent on registration). Registration for the workshop will begin in May. If you have questions, please call Beth Myrer.


Menu Item:  Resources –> Shopping: Guild Rewards Programs. Link to The Woolery Halcyon Yarn Program instructions and link

President’s Message: 

On September 13, I received a blog post from Interweave Press, written by Susan Horton. She said, “One of my greatest talents is unweaving. You know, practice makes perfect and all that. I greeted my husband one night with the words ‘Guess what I did today? I unwove everything I wove yesterday!’ His response: ‘Oh, so it must have been a good day.’ I contend that if you love to weave, you must also like—or at least not hate—unweaving. Mistakes happen. Unweaving happens. I learned to weave from teachers, friends, and books, but I learned to unweave on my own.”

You see the lovely green cables in the very amateur photo here? They really are lovely cables, made from a lovely American-made yarn. Well, I designed this cable pattern, made a gauge sample, and knitted about eight inches of the back—then realized that in spite of all my efforts, the sweater back was just a little bit too small, and I would not feel comfortable in it at that size. So I pulled out all eight inches of my sweater, rolled up the crinkly yarn, and started over again. Guess what? I now have eleven inches of my sweater knitted. It just kind of happened, and now I will have a sweater that fits right.

The moral of this story is—when you are a fiber artist who makes works of arts one thread, one shot, or one stitch at a time, you must be able to fix your mistakes if you are going to create works that you love. When you have finished, you really will remember just how beautiful your artwork is, not how long it took to redo that pesky part that went wrong!

So here’s to me and all of you—to our unstitching, unspinning, and unknitting, and unweaving. Enjoy it all! Susan
Note: See Newsletter for photo.



2017–2018 The Guild Challenge: Lace!

The Guild Challenge last year, focused on Crackle weaving and organized by Sonya Campana, was very inspiring for everyone—those who participated and those who attended the meetings focused on Crackle and saw the beautiful weaving that resulted.

Our Guild Challenge this year will be focused on Lace weaving and will be organized by Michelle Pahl (learn more about Michelle in the “Getting to Know You” section of this newsletter). More information will be presented at the September meeting. The Challenge will include lots of information and examples of Lace weaves to expand your Lace weaving horizons:

Our November Guild meeting will be focused on types of Lace weaving, with lots of examples of the beautiful weavings that can be made using Lace structures.

  • Each participant will choose a Lace structure and make a weaving of her choice using that structure. It would be great if each person could do something with Lace she hasn’t tried before.
  • The completed weavings will be displayed and discussed at the April Guild meeting.
  • Each participant will be encouraged to put on enough warp to create a sample of the Lace structure for the Guild library so that we will have a Lace swatch collection for later use.

Stay tuned for more information!



Southwest Utah Branch

  The meetings start at 5:30 pm at the Washington Branch of the Washington County Library System. for information.

Our mailing address is: Weaving 4292 W 2700 S Hurricane, UT 84737


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