The Mary Megs Atwater Weavers Guild

 October Guild Meeting

What: Introduction of Guild Challenge on Crackle Weave, by  Sonya Campana
When: Thursday, October 13, 2016, 6:30 p.m.
Where: South Valley Unitarian Church, Highland Drive, 6876 South Highland Drive

Our Guild’s October meeting will be presented by Sonya Campana, who will be introducing the theme of our 2016-2017 Guild Challenge and Exchange. This year for our Guild Challenge and Exchange, many of our members voted to create a sample binder of multiple studies on one weave structure, and we have chosen the Crackle Weave. Each participant will work on one draft and make multiple samples.

During this introductory meeting, Sonya will help us familiarize ourselves with the Crackle Weave through the study of drafts and samples brought by some of our members. The structure is a tied-block weave from Scandinavia, woven with two shuttles. It was of great interest to Mary Atwater, who studied this weave at some length. Sonya will distribute the individual weave drafts so that weavers can participate in the challenge.

This meeting will be interesting to those who are not interested in participating in the Guild Challenge because there will be much information about weaving Crackle Weave.

In January we will study the crackle weave further and learn to turn a draft using crackle as an example. The exchange of samples will take place during the May meeting.

Please plan to bring your projects to Show and Tell at 6:30. If you have any examples of crackle weave, please bring them as well.

 Sonya has been a wonderful member of our Guild for some years now. She hosted our opening September meeting, and we are so grateful to her. She has served in many Guild leadership positions, including Guild president, and she is currently committed to maintaining and improving our library and equipment. She loves weaving, spinning, dyeing, and knitting and produces beautiful examples of all of them!

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October President’s Message

Our September Saturday potluck and Zoom Loom lessons were such a wonderful way to kick off the year! After all those months of heat, it felt odd to have such a lovely rainy, cool morning! It seemed strange to watch the snow melt off the top of Sonya’s car while we all marveled at the many ways Judie and Deanna have found to use a Zoom Loom! What the weather lacked in temperature was more than made up for by the enthusiasm and energy as we all ZOOMED along! Lunch was DELICIOUS!! We sure do a great job together of presenting a feast for our potlucks! Thank you, Sonya, for hosting this fun event and Judie and Deanna for teaching us to respect and re-evaluate this simple tool! Judie–those lace and beaded zoom loom squares were gorgeous!

As a Guild, we really have a lot going on this year!!! Deanna and Juliette have developed a wonderful and interesting list of programs for the coming year. The November Anita Meyer workshop is sold out, but if you can’t do the workshop, you will have a wonderful opportunity to meet and learn from Anita at our November meeting. The November meeting will be a joint meeting with the Utah Surface Design Group since they are also doing a workshop with Anita. Note that the November meeting will be the first Thursday of the month, Nov. 3rd, in order to coordinate with the Anita Mayer workshop.

The Guild Bi-Annual Fiber Exhibit opens in March, 2017 at UCCC. You will be hearing lots more about this event and the March workshop from our Co-Chairladies, Jeanette Tregeagle and Catherine Marchant. I hope everyone will have something to put into the show! And then, there is this year’s challenge—Crackle Weave—to learn and samples to make. We’ll be hearing more from our challenge leader, Sonya Campana, this month!

Cheers and Happy Fall!


P.S. Be sure to check out the library! We have acquired some GORGEOUS new books and the library is full of amazing resources! Remember to return all of the library books you may have checked out at the next meeting.


November Guild Meeting. 
Thursday, November 3 meeting.  Anita Mayer
november-3-evening-invitation  pdf file
Circle your calendar now and don’t miss this meeting.


2016–2017 Guild Challenge and Exchange

At our next Guild meeting (October 13) Sonya Campana will introduce the theme for the 2016–2017 Guild Challenge and Exchange.

This year’s challenge centers around the Crackle Weave structure. It is a tied-block weave from Scandinavia, woven with two shuttles.

Sonya will introduce us to the weave and distribute the individual weave drafts. Participants will make multiple samples to share with others and collect in a binder. During the January meeting, we will study the Crackle weave further and learn how to turn a draft using Crackle as an example.

The samples are due during the May meeting. R Juliette Lanvers


Southwest Utah Branch

  The meetings start at 5:30 pm at the Washington Branch of the Washington County Library System.     

Our mailing address is: Weaving 4292 W 2700 S Hurricane, UT 84737


  • May 2015 Pin Loom Weaving by Deanna Baugh while traveling.
    Four inch squares are 31 x 31 warp/weft, sett is 8epi.
  • Vest front of pin loom 4 inch squares by Deanna Baugh.
    Squares can be combined to make larger articles,
  • Pin loom squares with beads by Judie Eatough.
    Beads can be added during the weaving process. And can be moved if you get them a little off.
  • Atwater-Bronson Lace pin loom woven square 4inches by Judie Eatough.
    Squares have four selvedges with looped edges. Lace weaves are used in many of the pattern squares.
  • Frog Pond by Mary Atwater
    Fish-face, polliwogs, a frog, Peruvian. MMA, Shuttle Craft Book. Did you ever wonder where the guild logo came from? It is the frog from the Peruvian Fish Pond. This design is ideal for double weave pick up work

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