The Mary Megs Atwater Weavers Guild

One Vest—Many Verses

 November Guild Meeting

What: An Evening with Anita Luvera Mayer!
Mary Meigs Atwater Weavers Guild of Utah and Utah Surface Design Group

When: Thursday, November 3, 2016, 6:30 p.m.
Where: Utah Cultural Celebration Center, 1355 West 3100 South

One Vest—Many Verses

In this inspiring lecture and fashion show, Anita Luvera Mayer will present the concept of using one simple shaped garment that is made unique by the treatment of the fabric and the use of surface embellishments along with the steps to creativity. The techniques used in the creation of these garments include hand dyeing, weaving, surface embellishment, and antique lace—with each piece assembled and sewn by hand. The reverse side of the garments reveal hidden surprises, with a number of the pieces being reversible.

Anita is an internationally recognized weaver, fiber artist, designer, and author. Her focus on weaving contemporary garments began in 1972, and she has focused her work since then on honoring the generations of women before her, with each piece a statement about ageing, wisdom, joy, and sorrow and creativity. Although she still weaves, her creative fiber work has evolved to include many types of innovative surface design techniques—including but not limited to beadwork, embroidery, contemporary use of antique laces, etc.

December Guild Meeting: Potluck and Gift Exchange
December 15, 2016 at Mimi Roades’ home

January Guild Meeting:January 12, 2017
In January we will study the crackle weave further and learn to turn a draft using crackle as an example. The exchange of samples will take place during the May meeting.

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November President’s Message

Well, there was certainly lots of “Crackle” in the air, on the table and in our thoughts at the October meeting! Thank you, Sonya Campana, Deanna Baugh, Sarah Lee Neill, ReNee Page, and all others who contributed and shared for a wonderful and inspiring program. I am still confused about crackle (nothing new!) but sure that it will be a BIG challenge for the year and determined to participate! It will be amazing to share our swatches and experiences in May!

Maureen Wilson tells me that some the Shuttlecraft Bulletin Study Group Christmas bulletins have some crackle Christmas items in them, and Deanna Baugh said the February program will provide more information on Crackle so there is hope for us all!

Our November program with Anita Mayer is going to be amazing, so be sure to come! The meeting will be November 3 at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. See the meeting information on the first page of the newsletter!

Hope everyone is having a lovely fall and getting lots of weaving in!




November Guild Meeting. 
Thursday, November 3 meeting.  Anita Mayer
november-3-evening-invitation  pdf file
Circle your calendar now and don’t miss this meeting.


2016–2017 Guild Challenge and Exchange

At our next Guild meeting (October 13) Sonya Campana will introduce the theme for the 2016–2017 Guild Challenge and Exchange.

This year’s challenge centers around the Crackle Weave structure. It is a tied-block weave from Scandinavia, woven with two shuttles.

Sonya will introduce us to the weave and distribute the individual weave drafts. Participants will make multiple samples to share with others and collect in a binder. During the January meeting, we will study the Crackle weave further and learn how to turn a draft using Crackle as an example.

The samples are due during the May meeting. R Juliette Lanvers


Southwest Utah Branch

  The meetings start at 5:30 pm at the Washington Branch of the Washington County Library System.     

Our mailing address is: Weaving 4292 W 2700 S Hurricane, UT 84737


  • May 2015 Pin Loom Weaving by Deanna Baugh while traveling.
    Four inch squares are 31 x 31 warp/weft, sett is 8epi.
  • Vest front of pin loom 4 inch squares by Deanna Baugh.
    Squares can be combined to make larger articles,
  • Pin loom squares with beads by Judie Eatough.
    Beads can be added during the weaving process. And can be moved if you get them a little off.
  • Atwater-Bronson Lace pin loom woven square 4inches by Judie Eatough.
    Squares have four selvedges with looped edges. Lace weaves are used in many of the pattern squares.
  • Frog Pond by Mary Atwater
    Fish-face, polliwogs, a frog, Peruvian. MMA, Shuttle Craft Book. Did you ever wonder where the guild logo came from? It is the frog from the Peruvian Fish Pond. This design is ideal for double weave pick up work

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