The Mary Megs Atwater Weavers Guild

November Guild Meeting

What: Introduction of Guild Challenge, Sheila Hicks, and Rail Reed
When: Thursday, November 9, 6:30 p.m.
Where: South Valley Unitarian Church, 6876 South Highland Drive (2000 East) 

November Meeting Part 1: Guild Challenge

Our November meeting will have two parts. The first part will be the introduction of our Guild Challenge for this year. Guild members will present samples of their own handwoven lace, with the source material. Sonya Campana will display books relevant to the subject of lace that are available to borrow from the library. By the end of the evening, you will learned about many beautiful lace weaves and hopefully have some ideas for your own piece for the Guild Challenge.

For this year’s challenge, we will be exploring lace. You are invited to make a woven article incorporating a lace structure. This could be a scarf, shawl, blanket or any item you would like to create. Any lace weave can be used. In addition to the woven item, you are asked to weave an additional sample of the lace weave to donate to the Guild.

At the April Guild meeting, each participant will display the article and discuss their experience with their chosen weave structure. We will create handouts describing the drafts and fibers used, as well as photocopies of the lace articles or samples to be kept in the Guild archive. If you are interested in being part of this Challenge, contact Michelle Pahl ( 

November Meeting Part 2: Sheila Hicks and a Rail Reed

In the second part of the November Guild meeting, Juliette Lanvers will show and narrate a series of photographs of the fiber exhibit “Glossolalia” by Sheila Hicks. Juliette visited this show last summer in France. (There is a great article about the weaving of Sheila Hicks on page 13 of the most recent Handwoven—the November/December issue.) Juliette will conclude the evening with a short introduction to the rail reed, a tool now available through the library for our members.
See Newsletter for photos and more info.  Juliette Lanvers


December Guild Meeting: The Christmas Party Is Coming!

On Thursday, December 14, we are having our wonderful annual Christmas party, so please put this date on your calendar. The party will be at Mimi Rodes’s home. Please plan to bring a potluck item and also a wrapped gift that can be exchanged with another Guild member. Gifts can be anything that a fiber fanatic might enjoy. Gifts can be simple—the most important thing is to come and share in the fun! This evening is always a treasured event for those who attend.


Menu Item:  Resources –> Shopping: Guild Rewards Programs. Link to The Woolery Halcyon Yarn Program instructions and link

President’s Message: 

The most recent issue of Handwoven (the November/December issue) focuses on the contributions of “weaving giants”—men and women who made possible the wealth of knowledge and expertise we have today. One of these, of course, is Mary Atwater, whose name we honor in the name of our Guild. I read almost every word of this issue because I find the lives and contributions of these weaving giants to be fascinating.

My weaving life has been immensely blessed by the influence of weaving giants within our own Guild. There are so many weavers I could honor, but these women have particularly influenced me—sharing their knowledge and skills so freely and helping us all to learn about weaving much faster than we could have otherwise.

The very bad photo to the left shows the bathroom rug currently on my Schacht loom, completely influenced by ReNee Page. She taught me to use strips of an old chenille bedspread instead of rag strips to create a rug! The white stripes are created by strips of Levi selvedge that ReNee gave me. This is just one way in which ReNee has shared technique and design expertise with me.

This other very bad photo shows the cottolin dishtowel that I am now weaving on my antique Finnish loom. This loom was given to me by a Finnish friend, and without Deanna Baugh, it would not have ever existed as something more than a bunch of sticks! Deanna has generously helped with so many aspects of my weaving—she seems to know everything there is to know about weaving patterns, techniques, and equipment!

I don’t have other pictures, but I want to honor the contributions of Charlene Lind and Judie Eatough, who both taught weaving at BYU for years and have willingly shared their knowledge year after year with our Guild—teaching at Guild meetings, teaching workshops, and being our resident experts.

There are others who have helped me so much, but these four weavers—ReNee, Deanna, Charlene, and Judie—have been particularly influential in my weaving life and have, year after year, helped to make it possible for our Guild members to develop our skills and artistry. I am so grateful for each of them, as I am for all of you, and I honor these wonderful “weaving giants” of the Mary Atwater Weaver’s Guild!
Susan Hainsworth

Note: See Newsletter for photos.

Save These Dates!

We have some wonderful programs planned for the new year. You won’t want to miss a single meeting! Here is a preview of some things you should have on your calendar, including this year’s Fiber Festival. Karen Elrod is chairing this event and I will be working with her on the Tom Knisley workshop. Yes! Tom is coming to town!!!!

January 11—Gladys Webb will share her collection of Guatemalan Huipils. While living in Guatemala, she fell in love with the colors and designs of the handwoven fabrics created by the indigenous women who live in the Highlands of Guatemala. During the three years she lived there, Gladys took the opportunity to meet and know the women who weave and wear their clothing and now finds great pleasure in sharing their culture and talents through her textile collection. Jo Stolhand heard her presentation earlier this year and said it is wonderful!

May 2-4—Krokbragd workshop with Tom Knisley! (details to be announced)

May 4–5—Bi-Annual Fiber Festival with Tom Knisley as our keynote speaker for both Friday night and Saturday morning. During this time, he will give two presentations, one on his antique collection of American textiles and another on recycled antique Japanese textiles. Both presentations sound fascinating! Mimi Rodes


2017–2018 The Guild Challenge: Lace!

The Guild Challenge last year, focused on Crackle weaving and organized by Sonya Campana, was very inspiring for everyone—those who participated and those who attended the meetings focused on Crackle and saw the beautiful weaving that resulted.

Our Guild Challenge this year will be focused on Lace weaving and will be organized by Michelle Pahl (learn more about Michelle in the “Getting to Know You” section of this newsletter). More information will be presented at the September meeting. The Challenge will include lots of information and examples of Lace weaves to expand your Lace weaving horizons:

Our November Guild meeting will be focused on types of Lace weaving, with lots of examples of the beautiful weavings that can be made using Lace structures.

  • Each participant will choose a Lace structure and make a weaving of her choice using that structure. It would be great if each person could do something with Lace she hasn’t tried before.
  • The completed weavings will be displayed and discussed at the April Guild meeting.
  • Each participant will be encouraged to put on enough warp to create a sample of the Lace structure for the Guild library so that we will have a Lace swatch collection for later use.

Stay tuned for more information!



Southwest Utah Branch

  The meetings start at 5:30 pm at the Washington Branch of the Washington County Library System. for information.

Our mailing address is: Weaving 4292 W 2700 S Hurricane, UT 84737


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