The Mary Megs Atwater Weavers Guild

September Guild Meeting

What: Reports on Convergence Projects, Sale Info, Reclaimed Yarn, and Potluck Lunch

When: Saturday, September 8, 10:00 a.m–2:00 p.m. (potluck lunch about noon)

Where: Susan Hainsworth’s Home, 91 East 400 North (Parrish Lane), Centerville

It’s that wonderful time of year again—the meetings of the Mary Atwater Weaver’s Guild begin! On Saturday, September 8, from 10:00 a.m. to about 2:00 p.m., we will have a chance to spend some time together, talking and sharing and learning and eating (of course).

Four fiber artists who went to Convergence in July will share what they learned—Catherine Marchant, Deanna Baugh, Sonya Campana, and Maureen Wilson. Each of these weavers will share wonderful textile information, samples, and fun.

Catherine Marchant will share information that we need to know in order to be ready for our Guild show on November 16 and 17.

Ann McKane will share a skill that we will all have the chance to learn—reclaiming yarn from sweaters. Here is what Ann said: “This is a time to learn how to reclaim fiber from sweaters. I’ve unraveled a lot of cashmere and am going to show you how to get your old sweaters apart. Please bring a sweater—look for one at the thrift store if you don’t have an old one on hand. I suggest a light color because it’s easier to see stitches. I think a wool or wool blend is best. A $3 or $4 thrift store sweater can yield a fair bit of yarn. Make sure that the sweater has not been felted or fulled. Also bring a seam ripper and pair of nail scissors. A magnifying glass is optional. I hope that many of you will find an old sweater and come prepared to learn this fun skill!”

Our Potluck Lunch and Show and Tell will start around noon. Please bring a dish to share (the Guild will provide water and utensils for the lunch). Be sure to bring your wonderful items for Show and Tell—including the baskets you made at the Connie Denton workshop in June!

The meeting will be held at Susan Hainsworth’s home/family farm. The address is 91 East 400 North, Centerville, Utah. It’s so easy to find. Travel on I-15 to the Centerville exit, which is also called Parrish Lane. Turn east on the exit and travel about one mile to Main Street. Susan’s home is one block east of Main Street on the corner of Parrish Lane and 100 East (left side of the road). You can park on Parrish Lane or 100 East. We can walk through Susan’s family’s pioneer home, and there are fun old farm buildings out where we will be sitting.


Save These Dates

Alicia Suazo and I are still finalizing some of the programs, but here are the next few month’s programs at a glance:

  • October 11–13: Woven Shibori workshop with Barbara Cabrol at Pioneer Craft House.
  • October 11 Guild Meeting: Barbara Cabrol will present the evening program “What If? Why Not?” Barbara will talk about why and how we should consider opening ourselves up to design changes and opportunities during projects.
  • November 8 Guild Meeting: Juliette Lanvers will introduce this year’s Guild Challenge: Color and Weave!
  • November 16–17: Guild Sale. Please see the documents from Catherine about how to prepare.
  • December 13: Guild Christmas Potluck Dinner and Gift Exchange Mimi Rodes


October 11–13, 2018
Pioneer Craft House


The Mary Atwater Weaver’s Guild welcomes Barbara Cabrol, a one-time member
of our Guild, back to Salt Lake City to teach a three-day Woven Shibori Workshop!
In woven shibori, pattern threads are woven through the cloth, as shown in the
image below. Then, when the cloth is cut off the loom, the threads are pulled
tight to resist dye. After dyeing, the threads are removed and the pattern is

Click on link below or image on left.



 President’s Message:

I had two very great compliments this summer. One was from my nine-year-old nephew, Stillwell, visiting with his family from South Carolina a few weeks ago. He told my sister that Aunt Susan’s house was the “best house in the whole world”! He and his siblings loved to come over and play at my house, but the big attraction for Stillwell turned out to be the chenille rag rug on the Schacht loom! I showed him how to put chenille strips through the shed and then really beat!! And he had so much fun that I have about six inches of Stillwell’s weaving to take out!

The other compliment came from another nephew, Sam, who was married a couple of years ago and is now establishing his own home with his wife and new baby. He and his wife visited my home after several years of absence. Both of them expressed their great interest in the textile art that I have throughout my home, surprised that I could have made such a variety of textiles on my looms. As things have turned out, I am going to make them something for their lovely home—they are going to visit soon to talk about what they would like.

It has meant a great deal to me to have the next generation of my family learning about this wonderful craft that we love so much. I don’t get a great deal of textile art made in my busy life, but what I have made brings me a lot of joy, and I’m so happy that my family and friends can also visit my home and enjoy it! Susan Hainsworth



Woven Shibori Workshop Coming in October!

Barbara Cabrol, a one-time member of the Mary Atwater Weaver’s Guild, is returning to Salt Lake City on October 11, 12 and 13 to teach a Woven Shibori workshop.

This will be a modified round robin workshop, starting with pre-warped looms. Participants will explore the use of various weave structures to produce resist patterns on the woven fabric once the supplemental weft or warp threads have been gathered and secured. Samples will be cut off at regular intervals to gather the supplemental threads and dye. The fun is the final untying.

Beginning to expert weavers will enjoy this workshop. Looms can include two-harness with pick-up, as well as 4 and 8 harness looms. Suggested drafts for 4 and 8 shaft looms will be supplied in advance.

The workshop will be held at the Pioneer Craft House and will be limited to 15 participants. Watch for registration forms, which will be sent out soon. Jo Stolhand


For Additional Summer weaving please consider our upcoming sale.

Guild Sale in November!

The big news is that the Board has voted to hold a Guild Holiday Sale! We have reserved the Unitarian church where we usually meet, so mark your calendars for November 16th and 17th. We will be setting up on Friday afternoon, and having a preview reception Friday evening and the sale will be all day, Saturday. This is what we need from you.

  • First, as you set up your looms, put on extra warp to weave items for the sale. Some of us weave a lot and will have many items, some weave few items a year. No matter, if everyone has just a couple of items for the sale, we will have plenty.
  • Second, think about how you can help with the sale. We will need people to work on publicity, set up, reception and sales. If you would like to help, please contact me at

I know that a sale in November seems like a long time away, but it will creep up on us. One way that I save on last-minute preparation is to tag things as I finish them. By law, we need to label clothing and household linens with fiber content and washing instructions. I write this on the back of a business card and pin it to each item. I also try to keep track of the cost of materials in my projects notebook so I can decide on prices somewhat intelligently. More to come. HAPPY weaving, Catherine Marchant




Shopping at Halcyon or the Woolery  Give a gift to the guild at no additional cost for you.  See Menu Item:  Resources –> Shopping: Guild Rewards Programs.
Link to The Woolery
Halcyon Yarn Program instructions and link


Save These Dates!

The following programs have already been announced—and we hope that you won’t miss one of them!

May 2–4 Krokbragd Workshop with Tom Knisley! The workshop is currently full, but be sure to let Mimi know if you want to be on the waiting list. We often have last minute dropouts as the workshop gets closer.

May 4–5 Bi-Annual Fiber Festival. Tom Knisley will be our key note speaker for both Friday night and Saturday morning. During this time he will give two presentations, one on his antique collection of American textiles and another on recycled antique Japanese textiles. Both presentations sound fascinating! There will be a variety of mini-workshops offered Saturday afternoon!

June 16 Basket Weaving with Connie Denton. Saturday workshop and potluck lunch, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. We will be making a work basket! Mimi Rodes






Southwest Utah Branch

  The meetings start at 5:30 pm at the Washington Branch of the Washington County Library System. for information.

Our mailing address is: Weaving 4292 W 2700 S Hurricane, UT 84737


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