The Mary Megs Atwater Weavers Guild

April Guild Meeting

What: Mini Basket Weaving Workshop with Connie Denton
When: Thursday, April 13, 2017, 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
Where: South Valley Unitarian Church, 6876 South Highland Drive

April Guild Meeting

Our April Guild meeting will be held on Thursday, April 13. Connie Denton will teach each of us how to make a small wood-splint basket that we will be able to get finished or mostly finished at our meeting. Please note that the meeting will begin at 6:30! There will be no how and Tell so that we will have time to complete our baskets. We will have an extended Show and Tell at our May meeting.

Connie Denton is a past president of the Mary Meigs Atwater Weaver’s Guild and has been a weaver and fiber artist for many years. She has been making baskets and teaching basket-making for more than 20 years. She is an excellent teacher, as well as basket designer. Much of her influence in designing baskets comes from utilitarian baskets of yore when a basket was a necessary household item. She is interested in all forms of fiber art and is an all-around fiber enthusiast. You will leave this class with a treasure of a basket and greater appreciation for basketry.

Thanks to the grant that we received from a former Guild member, the materials fees for everyone’s baskets are already paid for! Be sure to join us for this wonderful evening!

Upcoming Workshop

The Guild is offering a Deflected Double Weave workshop, to be taught by Deanna Baugh, on October 20–21 at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. In Deflected Double Weave, the warp and weft threads deflect out of their vertical and horizontal positions during finishing to form waves and circles. In this workshop you will learn about designing and weaving this structure while you weave a scarf for yourself or a gift. Both four-shaft and eight-shaft drafts will be provided to accommodate the loom you will be using. You may choose to purchase yarn from Deanna, in which case you will have a choice of a couple of different pathways (we hope to have examples of the pathways at the May and June meetings along with the approximate cost of the yarn). The cost of this workshop will be approximately $55 to $75 (dependent on registration). Registration for the workshop will begin in May or June. If you have questions, please call Beth Myrer.


Menu Item:  Resources –> Shopping: Guild Rewards Programs. Link to The Woolery Halcyon Yarn Program instructions and link

April President’s Message

I hope everyone is enjoying our show at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center (UCCC). It is amazing! The opening reception was extremely well attended, and feedback from the attendees on Sarah’s presentation has been great! Michael Christiansen at UCCC did a fabulous job of hanging and lighting the show. I would urge you all to make time to visit the show again and be sure to thank Michael if you see him! I have taken several groups and friends to see it and each time I marvel at how talented everyone is!!! Thank you all for participating, and again thanks to Catherine, Susan, and their team for pulling this all together! Lee and I went over the other day so he could photograph the show, and I plan to put together a slide show that we can post on our website. However, be patient—it will take a while to put it together!

The Color Confidence workshop with Sarah Jackson was awesome and intense!! Terri Pianka did a wonderful job organizing things and Juliette (of course!!) was a fabulous and generous hostess to Sarah. We participants had a great time! This is one of Sarah’s inspirational photos and the wrap of yarns I did during the workshop. Colorful, isn’t it!!!

To view Sarah Jackson’s slide show of all the photos and wraps she shared for this exercise, go to the Guild web page ( ), choose Education and then Workshops. Or, if you prefer, the URL link is  .
Thank you, Sarah, for allowing us to share this in the newsletter!!

At our April meeting, we will have a fun, hands-on mini basket-weaving workshop with Connie Denton, so be sure to come and join in the fun! The Guild will cover the materials fee from the general fund. In addition, Susan Hainsworth and Maureen Wilson will be presenting the slate for next year’s officers, which we will vote on at the May meeting. I so enjoyed working with this year’s board members and appreciate all they do to keep the Guild vital and active! As they say—“It truly takes a Village!”

Cheers, Mimi


2016–2017 Guild Challenge and Exchange

At our next Guild meeting (October 13) Sonya Campana will introduce the theme for the 2016–2017 Guild Challenge and Exchange.

This year’s challenge centers around the Crackle Weave structure. It is a tied-block weave from Scandinavia, woven with two shuttles.

Sonya will introduce us to the weave and distribute the individual weave drafts. Participants will make multiple samples to share with others and collect in a binder. During the January meeting, we will study the Crackle weave further and learn how to turn a draft using Crackle as an example.

The samples are due during the May meeting. R Juliette Lanvers


Crackle Drafts from the Recipe Book by Mary Atwater.
Word Doc files of the drawdowns.  These drafts are in the Recipe Book.  If you are a member of the guild and do not have a copy of the Recipe Book CD, I will email you up to two of the drafts, wif files and the Recipe Book page.

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Southwest Utah Branch

  The meetings start at 5:30 pm at the Washington Branch of the Washington County Library System. for information.

Our mailing address is: Weaving 4292 W 2700 S Hurricane, UT 84737


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