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 June Guild Meeting What: Navajo Rugs and Potluck Lunch at Catherine Marchant’s Home When: Saturday, June 11, beginning at 11:00 a.m. Where: 554 Lakeview Drive, Alpine, UT 84004 (directions below)

For our June meeting, we have the privilege of visiting Catherine Marchant’s home. Catherine moved into our Guild last year, and we are so happy to have her! She currently serves as the president of the board of Handweavers’ Guild of America. We will meet at Catherine’s home at 11:00. During our visit, we will:

  1. See the wonderful collection of Navajo rugs owned by Catherine and her husband, Sherm Myers. Sherm has a presentation about Navajo rugs that he will share with us.
  2. Enjoy a potluck lunch. Be sure to bring a dish to share. The Guild will provide drinks.
  3. See the Christmas ornaments that Guild members have made for the Guild weaving exchange. If you participated in the exchange, please bring your items (see the article in this newsletter).
  4. Spend time looking at all the things you bring for show and tell! Please bring whatever you have been working on.
  5. Directions to Catherine’s home, 554 Lakeview Drive, Alpine, UT 84004To get to her home, from I-15 take exit 284, the Highland/Alpine exit. Drive east on the Timpanogos Highway. Turn left (north) on 6000 West. (This is the light following Smith’s Marketplace.) Drive north until you can’t go any farther. Turn right. This road becomes Westfield Road. Drive east until you can’t go any farther. Turn left. This road changes names from 200 N to 400 W to Eagleview. Drive north until you can’t go any farther. Turn left. This is Lakeview. Her house is 554, the second on the right. The driveway is somewhat steep, and there is room for a couple of cars at the top. It would be best to leave room at the top for those who have mobility issues. If you have any questions about getting to Catharine’s home, you can call her at 1-908-803-9667.  See the newsletter for photos and more information.

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June President’s Message

Dear All: I am so very much looking forward to our June meeting and the opportunity to view the collection of Navajo weavings owned by Catherine Marchant and her husband, Sherm Myers. They are so kind to invite us to their home. And—of course!—a MMAWG Guild potluck is always a fun and rich eating experience! Having been away for both the April and May meetings, I can’t wait to touch bases with everyone and find out what you all been creating!  

 I would also like to thank Judie for putting together the nominations for next year’s board. We will be voting on the nominations at the June meeting.

As I write this message—Lee and I have been spending a wonderful week in Santa Fe, NM, visiting galleries and workshops here in the area. I marvel at the skill and patience required to make some of the beautiful Navajo and Spanish style rugs and blankets we have seen. I had some lovely and interesting visits with several weavers in their Chimayo workshops. At one of the galleries I saw a display of “Memory Figures” by the artist, Ron Allen. As I drew closer, I started to laugh and I knew I just HAD to share them with you! I apologize for the poor group photo—the light was wrong. But when you look at the close-up photo of the skirts you will see all kinds of “memory” objects—spools of threads, plastic jewelry, pieces of measuring tape, etc.—and why I had to laugh!!! I am sure I could open my drawers and come up with enough memory objects to make a number of skirts!!!!! I have also seen a number of gorgeous, colorful velour and silk/rayon or bamboo shawls, wraps, and “cocoon” jackets. (At gorgeous prices, of course.) I am so inspired by the creativity and rich use of colors by these artists. Can’t wait to try working with some of those beautiful fibers!


The nominations for the elected officers on the 2016-2017 Guild board. Voting will be held at the June Guild meeting.

President: Mimi Rodes

Vice Presidents: Deanna Baugh, Juliette Landers

Secretary: Jane Roos,

Treasurer: Jo Stolhand,

Grants Officers: Jeanette Tregeagle, Karen Elrod


Southwest Utah Branch

  The meetings start at 5:30 pm at the Washington Branch of the Washington County Library System.     

Our mailing address is: Weaving 4292 W 2700 S Hurricane, UT 84737


  • May 2015 Hex Weaving by Timmy Burton
  • April 2015 Triangle Weaving by Julie Schwartz
  • 'WhitePockets' and 'Flowers' by Mimi Rodes
  • Pilar Pobil's book
    My Kitchen Table: Sketches from My Life
  • Frog Pond by Mary Atwater
    Fish-face, polliwogs, a frog, Peruvian. MMA, Shuttle Craft Book. Did you ever wonder where the guild logo came from? It is the frog from the Peruvian Fish Pond. This design is ideal for double weave pick up work

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