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        May Guild Meeting

What:  The Guild Fashion Show

When: May 1, 2014

Where: South Valley Unitarian Church   6876 South Highland Drive (NW corner by KFC at 2000 East and 7200 South)

   As the promise of spring is in the air, we hope your fancy is turning toward our upcoming Guild fashion show. The Guild’s May meeting will be held on Thursday, May 1, at the South Valley Unitarian church. We will have catered light refreshments, and Deanna Baugh will be providing the commentary for the show. You can be your own model and can invite friends and family to help show off your fashion creations. 

 The fashions can be made with any fiber technique, and there are no restrictions on when the clothing was made. You can show off the beautiful clothing that you have made throughout the past years. You can enter as many as three clothing items.

 In order to have an idea of how many pieces we will have for the show, please fill out the information below for each garment you will display and give it to Kathleen McMaster or Deanna Baugh at the Fiber Festival in April. You do not need to bring your pieces until the day of the show. 

 Name of artist:

 Name of model:



 Weave structure or technique:

 Why you wove this piece:

 What was your inspiration:

 What did you enjoy about making this piece, or what do you think worked particularly well:


See the newsletter for details.  Fill out the form and come prepared to show us your favorite fashion.  




President's Message.

 Spring has sprung, and we get to look forward to milder weather—birds singing and blooming flowers. I love the rebirth of this season and the possibilities of creative growth it presents to us. As fiber artists we can take inspiration from the spectacle unfolding around us and use it in our work. We have so many possibilities we could follow. The beautiful color combinations we find when we look at flowers or the joy birdsong brings to our hearts—all lead to creativity. Our Guild is also offering up some fiber inspiration in April. First there will be the Fiber Festival on April 11–12, followed by Rebecca Winter’s “Color and Weave: Getting to the Stars” workshop. It will be so much fun playing with the different colors and incorporating different weave structures too. I hope everyone will be able to attend!

  Sonya Campana


    June Guild Meeting  June 7, 2014. 
Mark your calendar now.   .  


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 Wild About Fibers  2013 (Guild show Photos)
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               These are two of the charted designs from the
                 Mary Meigs Atwater Recipe Book CD
These were designed for use as double weave pickup.






South Valley Unitarian Church, Highland Drive
6876 South Highland Drive (NW corner by KFC at 2000 East and 7200 South)
                    * The church now has an elevator