The Mary Megs Atwater Weavers Guild

Upcoming Guild Meetings and Important Dates

September Meeting date and place.
Saturday, September 19
We will meet at Pilar Pobil’s home (just east of LDS Hospital) at 10:00 on Saturday, September 12. We will spend time exploring her wonderful home, which is filled with her artwork, and her gorgeous gardens. Pilar is a wonderful textile artist as well as a visual artist, and she will show us the textiles she has made.
See page 3 of the newsletter for more information. You can also read about Pilar in My Kitchen Table: Sketches from My Life by Pilar Pobil available at Amazon and other book stores.



Southwest Utah Branch
       Monday May 1, 2015
5:30 pm at the Washington Branch of the Washington County library


Bylaws Revision.  Publication of bylaws for members.  Bylaws were approved.

Bylaws File

Guild Officers Elected for 2015/2016

President: Mimi Rodes with Karen Swanger as Assistant
Co-Vice Presidents: Deanna Baugh and Margareth Lauer
Secretary: Jane Roos
Treasurer: Jo Stolhand
Grants Officer: Jeanette Tregeagle

June  President’s Message 

June already! Where has the time gone? It has certainly been a busy year with workshops, monthly Guild presentations, the Show, and the upcoming studio tours in Park City. I would like to thank all the folks who got involved and helped out with these events by volunteering, or by serving in an appointed position. Many thanks, too, to the outgoing board for doing such an excellent job last year!! I am so grateful to you all.  This will be the last newsletter of the year—until next September.  We usually take the summer off.  I would like to wish everyone a weaverly summer!   Sonya Campana




  • May 2015 Hex Weaving by Timmy Burton
  • April 2015 Triangle Weaving by Julie Schwartz
  • 'WhitePockets' and 'Flowers' by Mimi Rodes
  • Pilar Pobil's book
    My Kitchen Table: Sketches from My Life
  • Frog Pond by Mary Atwater
    Fish-face, polliwogs, a frog, Peruvian. MMA, Shuttle Craft Book. Did you ever wonder where the guild logo came from? It is the frog from the Peruvian Fish Pond. This design is ideal for double weave pick up work

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