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February Guild Meeting
What: Band Weaving: : Pick-Up on Inkle Weaving and Card Weaving,
Who: by Jo Stolhand and Juliette Lanvers
When: Thursday, 11 February 2016, 6:30 p.m.
Where: South Valley Unitarian Church, 6876 South Highland Drive

Our February meeting will be about band weaving—narrow weaving that can be done on smaller and more portable equipment—and will be presented by Jo Stolhand and Juliette Lanvers. Jo will be showing us card or tablet weaving. She has been making some very interesting brocade bands using pick-up and card weaving. There are all kinds of uses for these very strong bands. Juliette will be showing patterned inkle bands. These are traditionally woven on a small rigid heddle loom, but they are easy to weave on an inkle loom. These bands are made with a simple pick-up technique to give wonderful patterned bands. Both of these techniques can be done on the most minimal of equipment, often backstrap-type looms.
Jo Stolhand and Juliette Lanvers are both members of our Guild. Juliette’s exquisite patterned band won the judges’ choice award at our last Guild show. Jo is an excellent weaver who is interested in traditional weaving techniques. You won’t want to miss a meeting presented by these two wonderful weavers.   Deanna Baugh


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February President’s Message

   Last night I had the pleasure of joining the St. George “Branch” Guild group for the evening. Nancy Crowley is doing a great job of pulling weavers in the St. George area together to share and learn. The program last night was “Tips and Tricks.” and everyone was invited to bring favorite weaving tools and to share some of their favorite “tricks” that they have learned. Since it is a small group (8 were there), there was time and interest for all to share. It was a fun evening, and it always amazes me how many different ways we all come up with to make warping, sleying, and weaving work for us! Weaving is such a challenging and creative process! And Weavers are so fun and inspiring to be around!
   I would like to encourage everyone to sign up early for the Fiber Festival! Remember, if you register before February 11th you get a $10 discount! There are also still some openings for the Robyn Spady workshop, so join us! Program and registration materials are both available on our website and links to them will be in this month’s bulletin. Happy Weaving!   Mimi Rodes


Southwest Utah Branch

  The meetings start at 5:30 pm at the Washington Branch of the Washington County Library System.     

14 Dec 2015  Christmas Pot Luck at Nancy’s house and demonstration of a 16 shaft computer driven loom.

4 Jan 2016   Card weaving

1 Feb 2016  Tips, tools, and looms (types and brands). Discuss tips for weaving, tools you like to use, and a discussion of the different types and brands of looms.

1 Mar 2015  Daytime trip to Zion to see textiles
4 Apr 2016  Swatch exchange
2 May 2016  TBD
Our mailing address is:

4292 W 2700 S
Hurricane, UT 84737


  • May 2015 Hex Weaving by Timmy Burton
  • April 2015 Triangle Weaving by Julie Schwartz
  • 'WhitePockets' and 'Flowers' by Mimi Rodes
  • Pilar Pobil's book
    My Kitchen Table: Sketches from My Life
  • Frog Pond by Mary Atwater
    Fish-face, polliwogs, a frog, Peruvian. MMA, Shuttle Craft Book. Did you ever wonder where the guild logo came from? It is the frog from the Peruvian Fish Pond. This design is ideal for double weave pick up work

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