Mary Meigs Atwater Shuttle-Craft Bulletins

Mary Meigs Atwater Shuttle-Craft Bulletins

For decades, beginning in 1924, Mary Atwater wrote regular Shuttle-Craft Bulletins and sent them to weavers all around the United States. For the great majority of these weavers, the Bulletins were the way they learned to weave and the way they developed their abilities. Each Bulletin contains weaving instructions, patterns, and Mary's advice on many topics related to weaving.

This collection of the Shuttle-Craft Bulletins is useful because:

  • There is an index to the weaving subjects taught within the Bulletins (click on "Index" below).
  • Within each year tab below, there are individual PDFs of the Bulletins from that year.
  • Also within each year tab, there are articles about the individual Bulletins that help the modern-day reader understand how to apply the Bulletin's information to today's weaving.

If you would like to receive the complete set of bulletins, bulletin artcles, and index by mail on a USB drive, click on the "Purchase Bulletins" tab.

Mary Meigs Atwater's "Recipe Book: Patterns for Handweavers" is available on USB drive from the Mary Meigs Atwater Weavers Guild. If you want to order this book bundled with many extras such as WIF files for all of the drafts, go to the Resources page.

Two indexes are available. One index covers all of the bulletins but is not as comprehensive. The other is work in progress that will cover all the bulletins and contain a lot more subjects and detail.
Index covering all of the bulletins: Index
Comprehensive index covering 1924 to 1928: Index

Bulletins on USB Drive

The complete set of Mary Meigs Atwater's Bulletins, bulletin articles and the index are available on a USB drive from the Mary Meigs Atwater Weavers Guild for $25.

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