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The Bulletin Study Group 

The new study group on Mary Atwater and her Shuttle-Craft Bulletins will hold its first meeting on February 12, Thursday, 7 pm at Sonya Campana’s house.  Please come with your ideas as to how we will proceed. There are the bulletins to review, and there is the possibility to incorporate weaving for those interested. We can warp a loom and weave samples of the weaving described in the ShuttleCraft Bulletins.  A sample can be put into a binder for our archive. This can also be like a book group, where we read the bulletins and discuss what we learned. In this way Mary can be amongst us again, and we can learn from her. We find anytime we get together with weaving friends, our brains light up with inspiration, and that is a good thing.  We want to keep the premise simple and the goal of learning about weaving above all.   Sonya’s address is:  8407 Dynasty Way, Cottonwood Heights.  Directions:  from North or South:  Head toward Big Cottonwood Canyon and get on Wasatch Blvd headed south.  Go past Big Cottonwood, and drive through 2 more lights, turning left onto Kingshill Dr. after 2nd light.  You are heading East now.  Take the first right, Dynasty Way and my home is the 4th on the left.  Call if you need help finding her house:  801-733-5888.
Sonya Campana and Maureen Wilson

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