Yahoo Email Group for Guild

MMAWG Yahoo Group Email list.

You may want to join the Guild Yahoo email list.   You do not need to be a guild member to join the group.  You do need to be interested in fiber pursuits.

The newsletter is emailed to this group first!  Other guild information is posted as needed.

You may ask/answer questions about weaving, meetings, and other topics.  You can post information about equipment for sale. We also post information to this list about equipment for sale locally when asked.

To join you will need a Yahoo ID and password.  If you do not already have one you will need to create one.  Remember this password because you will need it to see the files and photos that are stored on this site.  Also you can post files and photos to this site.

To join send an email to from the email account you would like to use for the group. Include your name and fiber interest when requesting approval. You may receive an email asking for your name, address and fiber interest to screen list members to avoid spam. You do not need to belong to the Guild to join this list. You will then be approved to join the list.  If needed you will be contacted for name and fiber interest before approval.

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