Shopping: Guild Rewards Programs


Guild Rewards Programs: Woolery and Halcyon.
Both of these stores are ones that guild members have shopped.  If you know of any other stores that have a guild program, please let us know.

Woolery Guild Rewards Program
Click on link below for shopping at the Woolery. The guild will receive a percentage of all sales once a year.



 Halcyon Yarn Guild Rewards Program

Guild Rewards program – up to 5% back for your guild!

Guilds apply for and are accepted as members of the Halcyon Yarn Guild Rewards program. When placing orders at Halcyon Yarn (which we hope you’ll do often!) individual members of an enrolled guild identify themselves as a member of that particular guild and are matched up in our system. At the end of each calendar year Halcyon Yarn totals up the individual member purchases for each guild and sends that guild a check for 5% of those sales.

How do I participate?

Check if your guild is listed. If not, work with your guild to apply to participate.

  • If your guild is listed, earn rewards by:
    • Making a note of your guild in the “comments” box for web orders
    • Mention guild over the phone
    • Mention guild in store
  • Don’t want to remember to note your guild?
    • Quick solution: click a guild to set a “cookie” in your browser so that your order will automatically be noted with your guild
    • Better solution: If you are signed into a Halcyon Yarn web user account, and you click a guild link, that guild will remain associated with your account whenever you log in!

Participating Guilds

Are you part of a guild? Select your guild to earn rewards for it:

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