Rental Equipment

Rental Rules for Equipment 2015-16


1.         Equipment may be rented only to current Guild members, and may not be loaned to non-Guild members or taken out of state, except to workshops as approved by the Guild Equipment Manager.

2          Looms and other equipment may be checked out for an initial 2 month period from the Equipment Manager.  The rental fee, as set by the Guild Officers, is payable in advance to the Equipment Manager or Treasurer at the time the rental agreement is completed.  The rental fee is due monthly after the initial 2 month period.  Monthly payments should be mailed to the Equipment Manager.

3          A safety deposit is required at the time the rental agreement is completed for the rental of the table and Baby Wolf looms.  The safety deposit as set by the Guild Officers is:  $50.00 for the table looms, and $200.00 for the Baby Wolf looms.  The safety deposit will be returned to the renter when the Equipment Manager receives the equipment back in good condition.

4          Rental equipment will be returned to the Equipment Manager in the same condition it was initially rented in.  If a piece is returned damaged, the renter will forfeit the safety deposit to the extent of the damages due to fix it.

5          Looms may be called back in when workshops or classes are scheduled.  The newsletter, The Weaver’s Bag will alert members to coming workshops or classes.  Unless another Guild member is waiting to use a loom, rental agreements are renewable by the month as agreed with the Equipment Manager.

6          The renter or equipment is responsible for pick up and delivery of equipment.  Renter will be held responsible for any damage to or loss of equipment.  Take adequate care of looms and equipment to help maintain them in good operating condition.

7          The privilege of renting looms and equipment belonging to the Guild is a valuable part of your Guild membership.  Please take advantage of using this equipment.

Rental Monthly Rates:            monthly                       deposit

Baby Wolf floor loom             $15.00                         $200.00

Table loom                              $10.00                         $50.00


other equipment can be checked out:

warping boards
rigid heddle reed
spinning kit
lease stick
pick up stick
AV screen
dry erase boards
tri pods

Approved by Board April, 2015

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