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    October Guild Meeting

What:  "54 Years and Counting: An Overview of My Weaving Journey Since 1960," by Bonnie Tarses 

When: Thursday, October 16, 2014, 6:30 pm

Where: South Valley Unitarian Church, 6876 South Highland Drive


Many of our lucky Guild members will have the privilege of taking a three-day workshop from Bonnie Tarses about creating the "ultimate color gamp." The workshop will be held on October 16, 17, and 18, at the Unitarian Church where the Guild meetings are held. All of us will have the chance to hear Bonnie at the Guild meeting on Thursday evening, and we will be able to see what the workshop participants have accomplished. Please plan to bring any show and tell you have to share. If you have any color studies, please bring them!

Bonnie Tarses will present an overview of her weaving journey that will be of great interest to all fiber artists. Bonnie is a textile designer specializing in one-of-a-kind and custom handwoven textiles since 1960. From the time she began her weaving journey, she was drawn to the color symbolism in all ethnic textiles. "I continue to be amazed by the fact that weavers of old attached special meaning to the placement of every thread." In search of a set of personal symbols, Bonnie developed several techniques that have become her trademarks--Color Horoscope Weaving, Woven Words, and Turned-Weft Ikat (a twist on a traditional theme).


Originally from the East Coast, Bonnie first learned her craft at Rhode Island School of Design. She later moved to Montana, where she had a brief stint as a weaving shop owner. In 1980, Bonnie settled in Seattle, where she operated a colorful weaving studio. She moved back to Montana in 2010, where she now resides, exploring the boundaries and complexities of plainweave, with a strong focus on color. Here you can see her getting ready to cut off her latest color warp, her own horoscope in tencel, which she plans to wear to Salt Lake City, so we get to see it live!


Bonnie specializes in private commissions—working closely with the client to co-create a unique fabric that reflects the spirit of the individual. Since 1993, Bonnie has been teaching workshops and presenting lectures to numerous fiber organizations throughout the United States and Canada.

October Workshop.  

 Color Horoscope Weaving (The Ultimate Color Gamp) by Bonnie Tarses

 Three-Day Workshop, October 16th, 17th and 18th (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday)

    October President's Message.

Hi Weavers,

 I hope everyone is enjoying these beautiful days of autumn, and finding inspiration for their weaving.  All one has to do is look at the tree leaves on the mountainsides for a wonderful palette of colors mixed by the hand of Mother Nature.  As weavers we have many directions that our inspirations can lead us.  For me, beholding the mix of seasonal colors helps me to organize a color way for a project.


When I am in Southern Utah and out hiking among the rock formations I think of ways to incorporate what I see into weave structures.  Where an ordinary person would see a series of holes in the rock – I see honeycomb weave structures.  A beautiful view becomes for me a dream to be realized in tapestry weaving and using freeform shapes to depict the strata of the rock in a canyon face.


I feel very fortunate to have come upon weaving in my journey through life.  Weaving has given me a new way to express my inner world of imagination.  I love to hold a piece of cloth that reflects these dreams because it gives me a way to share them with others.


Happy weaving and creating! 




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               These are two of the charted designs from the
                 Mary Meigs Atwater Recipe Book CD
These were designed for use as double weave pickup.






South Valley Unitarian Church, Highland Drive
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